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Welcome to Kalka.com

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Norbert KALKA started in 2007 to support the local charity organisations in preparing projects and planning first project. During many visits in the following year he learned more and more about the country and the people. He recognized needs and opportunities. He met a number of Rwandan people with whom he developed new business ideas. In the result in the end of 2008 this company was founded by him together with a Rwandan partner as managing director. After a period of time the partner focused on other activities and stepped down from the function.

Norbert KALKA was fascinated by all the strong efforts of the people and the government of this country. He believed in the good guidance by President KAGAME and also in the possibility of reaching the aims of the vision 2020.

So he decided to come completely to Rwanda, finished the main activities in Germany or gave them to partners and moved in 2008 to Rwanda.

He brings in this company his entire long and various experiences (self employed with own companies since 1980) and his network of connections from Germany. For more information about this experiences click here: www.kalkaundpartner.de

In middle of 2010 he married Sabine KALKA. She came from Germany in the company and took over the task of the managing director. She is a self employed German accountant and tax consultant.

The first special technical need, which was seen during the preparation of this company, was the lack of a good sun protection product for the windows. This problem seemed to increase because of the more new modern office buildings under construction. Because of the modern kind of building with much glass these buildings would need a professional and flexible heat and glare protection.







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